What Does It Mean To Go ALL IN? / Day 1 of 66

"GO ALL IN!" is a phrase that I hear so often. Whether it be from fitness influencers, personal development books, or someone selling the new diet trend. But what does that even mean?

To me, at first glance, it triggers an 'all or nothing' type thinking. Now, this might not be everyone's take on it but because of my past experiences and beliefs, it triggers major all or nothing thoughts.

Growing up trying this diet and that diet, I ALWAYS started out with an all or nothing mentality. I had to prepare, follow the eating plan exactly, and if I didn't then I was a complete failure and there was no sense in moving forward. Hence why none of those diets EVER worked for me.

It wasn't until I actually stopped thinking I had to go all in, that I actually started seeing results I wanted.

When I started to lose weight, I didn't go all in.

I started with working out - the Insanity workout 😲 I did the first 30 days, supposed to be a 60 day program. I didn't follow the nutrition plan that went along with it. I simply started with working out and swapping out a few food options, and still dropped weight. If I had chicken alfredo from Olive Garden, it didn't derail my progress, it was part of it.

When I found out I had to go gluten and dairy free, I didn't go all in.

I couldn't just remove foods I'd been eating every single day of my life for 22 years at the snap of a finger. It took me about a year to fully eliminate those food groups from my life. Yes, a lot of that was due to drunken nights of wanting pizza and then spending the next day sick as a dog -- but, we live and learn right? I had to take it one step at a time, learning alternatives and how to even cook (at the time all my food came from takeout or in a box).

I'm approaching this 66 day journey the same way.

Yes, I'm setting guidelines for myself and planning ahead of time to set myself up for success. BUT, if I eat a piece of leftover birthday cake or want to have a vodka & La Croix, it's gonna happen!

For me, going all in means that I'm committed to do what I set out to while allowing for some flexibility and grace for myself. We're human. Things happen that are out of our control. It doesn't mean that all the effort you've put in is worth nothing.

This first day, which isn't over yet, I would give myself like a 9/10. I followed my meal plan, completed my workout, practiced my morning gratitude, but I didn't reach my water goal (which is 96oz) - and THAT'S OKAY! Now I can plan better for tomorrow to be even closer to that water goal.

Moving forward, I will do a recap of food and workouts from the day before that way the day is totally complete and I can do a full report! Words can't express the amount of support I've received about embarking on this journey. It's both empowering and comforting.

Cheers to tomorrow, a new day with new opportunities 🥂

XOXO Katie

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