1:1 Mentoring

My mission, as a health coach, is to help you achieve meaningful and long-term health success by focusing on healing nutrition, sustainable lifestyle habits, and creating a powerful mindset.

One-on-one coaching is for women who are ready to commit and willing do both internal and external work that is necessary to achieve sustainable weight loss and create the healthy lifestyle you desire. This is NOT a quick fix, or lose weight as fast as you can program. Our work together is meant to help you learn sustainable, healthy habits that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

This Is For You If...

You're looking for an individualized approach to weight loss, with support and accountability so you can better manage your health

You want to reconnect with your body and discover the foods that will best support your unique body

You want to decrease your risk of future health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or others that may run in your family

You often get confused or overwhelmed with all of the nutrition and wellness information out there and don't know where to begin.

You desire a healthy relationship with food that no longer requires calorie counting or the need to diet

You're a pro at having the intentions to workout, 'eat healthier', and start fresh but have trouble with follow through or staying consistent.

Impulsive cravings dictate your food choices and you're ready to deconstruct them so you can understand how food makes you feel.

You want to conquer obsessive food thoughts so they no longer rule your daily life.

Did I just read your mind?! Book a free 30-minute session to see if working together will best fit to make your health vision a reality! This complimentary call is a chance for us to get to know each other, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions . I can't wait to meet you! 

  What Will We Focus On?  

  • Building a plant heavy, balanced eating style that is specifically designed for your body and lifestyle.

  • Breaking through limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts and actions that have held you back from success in the past.

  • Basic at home cooking techniques, or meal planning that fits your lifestyle and budget.

  • How to incorporate a consistent and sustainable exercise routine that feels best for your body and lifestyle.

  • Creating a personalized routine to better manage stress and create space to practice self-care.

  • Developing self empowerment and motivation, to keep you seeing progress, during and after our time together.

  • Setting yourself up for success when faced with real life challenges such as weekends, celebrations, holidays, and travel. 

What Does Individualized Coaching Look Like?

Each coaching program is tailored just for you, designed specifically to help you achieve your ultimate health vision. Together, we will get clear on your wellness intentions and create a plan to help you build long term, sustainable habits that support your unique body and lifestyle. 

In our initial 60-minute session, we will establish meaningful health and wellness intentions. You'll get clear on your long term goals and motivation behind your journey. Based on your goals, we will discuss and create an action plan specifically for YOU and your lifestyle.

In our follow up sessions, we will discuss 1-3 dietary, mindset, or lifestyle action steps that will help move you toward your goals.

Together we will build on the habits from prior sessions and you’ll receive fun, creative “homework” assignments along the way to stay accountable, motivated, focused, and engaged in your journey.

Each session we will discuss your progress, reassess if necessary, and I'll educate you on new topics as we continue to move toward new action steps.

In our final session, we will discuss all of your achievements and how to maintain these new habits so that you can leave feeling confident in sustaining the progress you achieve for a lifetime of health.