My Approach

Hello! I'm your coach, Katie Noble and I'm so glad you're here!

My approach to health is not one size fits all. I believe in a bio-individual approach, by focusing on YOUR body's specific needs. My role as a health coach is to offer support, recommendations, and guidance around making nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle changes.

Most approaches to healthy eating focus on calorie restriction or counting macros, but instead I coach my clients to explore basic improvements and gradually create healthier habits one step at a time. This leads to developing a lifestyle that is both effective and sustainable

My ultimate goal is to help get you from where you are now, to where you want to be in your health. You deserve to fall in love with taking care of yourself, so that you can show up confident and empowered in all areas of your life. Relationships, career, sleep, stress, finances, mindset, and even your home environment have an impact on the quality of your health. Together we'll work towards your specific health goals by improving dietary and lifestyle habits, mastering your mindset, and learning how to listen to your body's specific needs. 

Imagine feeling more balanced in all areas of your life, just from making the decision to take care of YOU!


Three Pillars of Health


Nutrition plays a key role in providing your body with the nutrients and energy that it needs to stay healthy and prevent disease. Instead of focusing on restrictions, you'll learn what can be added to your plate according to your body's unique and specific needs.


Building a healthy lifestyle is all about creating life-long, sustainable habits. This takes you out of the diet (short term) mindset and keeps you from "falling of track". When you start taking care of you, it affects every other aspect of your life including relationships, finances, and even your career.


Most people already know what they should be doing in order to improve their health. It is often the mind that prevents them from taking the necessary action steps. Learning how to create and shift your mindset is a vital part of achieving any goal and like all other habits it takes time and practice.


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